How Much Is Parking At The Star Casino Gold Coast

How Much Is Parking At The Star Casino Gold Coast

Image of Star Casino Gold Coast parking facility

The Star Casino Gold Coast is renowned for its thrilling casino floor, luxurious accommodations, and vibrant entertainment options. When planning your visit, parking costs and availability are important considerations.

Parking Rates at The Star

The Star offers paid undercover parking with varying rates depending on the day and duration of your stay:

  • Casual Parking Rates:
Duration Weekday (Mon-Thurs) Weekend (Fri-Sun)
0-30 minutes Free Free
0-3 Hours $10 $10
3-6 Hours $20 $20
6-9 Hours $30 $30
9-12 Hours $40 $40
12-15 Hours $50 $50
15-24 Hours $60 $60
  • Special Discounts:

  • Hotel Guests: In-house guests receive a discounted overnight parking rate of $20 per day.

  • Event Day Visitors: Special discounted parking may be offered on certain event days (check the Star website for updates).

Parking Tips

  • Check Availability: Parking can fill up quickly, especially during weekends and special events. Check The Star Gold Coast’s website or consider alternative transportation options like public transport or ride-sharing services.
  • Peak Hours: Arrive early or later in the evening to avoid peak parking congestion.
  • Membership Rewards: The Star loyalty program may offer parking discounts or benefits for members.

Payment Options

  • Pay Stations: Located throughout the parking facility.
  • Boom Gates: You can pay with a credit card upon exiting.

Additional Information

  • Parking Validation: Some outlets within The Star may offer parking validation. Enquire with individual restaurants or shops.
  • Entry Height: The car park has a maximum entry height clearance (check the website for exact measurements).

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