Online Roulette Prediction Software

Online Roulette Prediction Software. Get ready to witness the extraordinary! Despite common assumptions, our roulette software triumphs over the roulette wheel and gives you the upper hand!

How do we achieve that? Not by using some sorcery or intuition to foresee the next numbers/spins (that would be too simple) – BUT, by using a clever algorithm that can scrutinize carefully all past outcomes (spins/numbers) of a roulette table and calculate (with the help of a vast database) the best bets to put on the table for the next few spins!

How did we invent this algorithm? We amassed over 1 Million spin data from the most reputable online roulette casinos in the world. This data has been intensively processed and studied to create a formula that can predict the probability of the future spins. All we require from you are the outcomes of (at least) the last 10 spins from the site you are currently playing on.

The more historical data you can furnish, the more exact our mathematical model can ascertain the probability and odds of the next few spins!

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