Why other betting systems fail

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Why Other Roulette Betting Systems Fail

There are many different roulette betting systems and strategies around but most of them have issues that prevent them from being profitable.

The first part of this article will show you some common ways to bet on roulette, both online and offline, and why they fail.

The second part will show you how to win at roulette using our roulette software.

Here are some roulette betting software and systems that claim to be profitable but actually aren’t


Roulette Computers

Roulette computers measure the speed of roulette are hidden electronic devices that measure the speed of the wheel to predict where the ball lands.

Some people believe that they are one of the most effective roulette betting strategies around. However, there are multiple drawbacks to this method.

Firstly, if you get caught using one, you get banned; how are you meant to make money from roulette if you’re not allowed to bet?

Next, they are outdated. Most roulette computers cannot function on modern wheels. WIth casinos upgrading their technology to keep up to date, it’s unlikely they’ll leave their equipment vulnerable.

Finally, they are also only legal in around half of casinos. That means that 50% of the time, you are breaking the law.

However, our roulette betting software overcomes these issues.

You can bet for as long as you like using this software and it’s perfectly legal. While casinos frown upon betting software, you can continue to use it because there is still a chance for the house to make money.

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Martingale Betting System

The Martingale strategy involves even-money bets by doubling your next bet after every loss, so when you eventually pick the right bet, you recoup your losses.

However, Martingale is very risky and requires a large bankroll to be even worth considering. Let’s run through an example.

Imagine you had a $1,000 bankroll and you bet on red every spin; your initial bet size is $100.

On the first spin, the ball lands on black so you lose. Your bankroll drops to $900.

By operating the Martingale strategy, you must now double your bet, so the next bet is $200 on red. Unfortunately, this also loses. You now have a $700 bankroll.

Martingale says to double down again so the next bet is $400. This bet then also loses, so the bankroll is now $300.

This leaves only one option for the next bet: all in. If you win this bet, you’re back up to $600 bankroll, $400 down from your starting balance. If you lose this bet, you bust.

Avoid losing your bankroll from ineffective roulette betting strategies.

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Visual Betting

Visual roulette betting requires using plain eyesight to estimate where the ball will land in the wheel.

Those that claim that this is a profitable strategy are not telling the whole truth. It’s incredibly difficult to pull off and if you’re a fraction off, you will miss.

You also need to be concentrating on the wheel at all times. For this strategy to work, you need to place bets as late as possible. Casinos have systems in place where you are not able to place bets after a certain period, giving you only a tiny window to make the bet.

Plus, what if you somehow misread the number? It may sound silly but when the wheel spins fast, numbers can look very similar.

Instead, you should use a betting strategy that actually knows the next numbers.

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Bias Analysis

This roulette betting strategy relies on taking advantage of a roulette wheel’s imperfections that make some numbers win more than others. These wheels are known as ‘biased wheels’.

While biased wheels do exist, there aren’t that many in circulation. It’s not worth investing time into a strategy that doesn’t work often. Why spend a lot of time trying to find a biassed wheel when there is a much easier winning strategy?

Casinos are also certainly aware of this issue. They are constantly monitoring the floor and if there is even a hint of exploiting their systems, they will quickly close the table and replace the wheel with another.

Avoid looking for biassed wheels and use software that can streamline the winning process.

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Fibonacci Roulette System

Like the Martingale strategy, the Fibonacci roulette betting system involves even-money bets. Bet sizes follow the Fibonacci Sequence ie the sum of the previous two numbers, starting with a 1 unit bet.

However, this is not a good way to make bets.

If you win the first bet, you profit. If you don’t win the first bet, you lose. If you then win the second or third bet, you will break-even but everything else from there is a loss.

These losses will only get bigger and bigger as you go move through the sequence. Plus, at the end of the day, it’s just a bet sizing sequence. There’s no method involved and above all else, the house edge still remains.

Use a betting strategy that significantly reduces the house edge and actually has a reason for using different bet sizes.

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Dealer Signatures

In live casinos, dealers tend to have their own unique way of spinning the wheel. This leads to the ball being spun at similar speeds by the same dealer, known as the ‘dealer signature’. This is the reason why casinos change the dealers around every 30 minutes; to prevent people from picking up on any tendencies.

People think that this can be a profitable roulette strategy because the dealer will start from one of the wheel’s diamonds more often than others.

The main issue with this strategy is the time using a single dealer. It takes between 2-3 minutes for a round of betting on the wheel to complete: bets have to be placed, the dealer has to confirm the bets, spin the wheel, wait for it to land, collect losing money and pay out winning money before repeating the cycle.

This means that you only get around 10 spins per dealer before they switch. 10 spins are not enough to confirm a profitable strategy.

You need to use a tried and tested roulette betting software that has proved how to win at roulette over time.

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James Bond System

The James Bond is a flat betting system, making the same bets every round. For $200 units, the bets would be the following:

  • $140 on 19-36;
  • $50 on the Line bet 13-18;
  • $10 on 0.

The logic behind this bet is that you win on 25 numbers and only 12 where you lose. Imagine you bet $200 on each bet. Here are all possible outcomes:

  • 19-36: you win a total of $80;
  • Line bet 13-18: you win a total of $100;
  • 0: you win a total of $160;
  • If the ball lands on 1-12, you lose $200.

While at first thought it looks like this is profitable, every 37 spins, on average, you will lose $200. That doesn’t sound very profitable…

You’d be better off using a roulette betting software that can predict the next number from a choice of 5 numbers.

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So now you know examples of roulette betting systems that fail to live up to expectations, here is how you can actually win at roulette.


How To Win At Roulette

Profitable roulette software is all about reducing the house edge to as little as possible.

There are 37 numbers on a roulette table, meaning the odds of picking the right number on the roulette table are 37/1. However, to ensure they make a long-term profit, casinos only payout at 35/1.

The only way to ensure a profitable roulette betting system is by turning this 37/1 into a smaller probability.

How do you do this?

By knowing what the next numbers are. This is what our Roulette Betting Software does.


Predicting The Next Numbers

Login to your online casino and load up the roulette table.

The software requires 5 previous spins so make 5 minimum bets and enter them into the predictor.

Once the numbers have been validated, our Roulette Prediction Software will tell you the number(s) to bet on.

It’s that simple.

Once the bet comes in, update the 5 numbers in the software to include the latest spins.

The Roulette Prediction Software will tell you the next number(s) to bet on.

This process repeats and does not get detected by the casino.

Check out this video to see how it works.

Start Winning Now

The first part of this article explained why other roulette betting systems will not make you money.

They either do not remove the house edge, require risky betting strategies that could leave you broke or the casinos have systems in place that makes them pointless.

Download our Roulette Prediction Software and start making profitable bets.

If you have any queries about the software, how to win at roulette or anything else, feel free to contact us.

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